RP-JC Newsletter – Volume 5

Remembrance Park is now “officially” open!

Visit our Remembrance Park website…

On Labor Day 2022 – we had a wonderful gathering – about 75 people – who joined together to celebrate the dedication of Remembrance Park. See pics here. BTW – if you have photos from the day & would like to share them – send ’em here.

Watch the Dedication Ceremony as recorded on Facebook Live. Click here.

KCRG-TV was there – as soon as we have the story on video – we’ll post it on our website!

A tip of the old hat to Jo Kelly – a relative of William & Sumner Phelps – early fur traders who worked closely with Native American tribes – including the Meskwaki people of Johnson County. More details here. Jo brought from her home in Arkansas a treasure trove of family heirlooms from the Phelps family and we displayed them at the State Historical Society Research Center in Iowa City on Friday, September 2.

Now – all of us can spread the word about Remembrance Park to our friends and neighbors in Johnson County. Encourage them to check out our website and pay a visit to the Park – it’s there for YOU to enjoy!

THANK YOU to all of you in being a part of this special historical work!


Peace & Joy…

Marty Boller, EditorVisit Our Iowa Heritage website. Contact us.


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