Remembrance Park – Dedication Weekend – 2022

It’s now official! Mark both events on your Labor Day weekend calendar!

Join us at Remembrance Park – Johnson County’s newest historical site – for our Dedication Ceremony. We will gather here on Labor Day 2022 -September 5 – to remember our rich heritage – celebrating the great diversity found within our history – plus we will look forward with one another – offering ourselves for the common good for all people.

Also – join us for…

Wed-Thu-Fri – Aug 31 – Sept 1 & 2 – 11 am to 1:30 pm

State Historical Society Research Center – 402 Iowa Avenue – Iowa City


Our friends from Iowa’s Meskwaki Tribe have provided us with a beautiful vision statement that says it all. Read more about the work of keeping the Meskwaki language alive.

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