RP-JC Newsletter – Volume 2

June, 2022

Lots of exciting pieces of news surrounding the development of Remembrance Park – a wildflower park on a small piece of land – set aside so that it will be remembered what an earlier generation of Johnson County residents did here a long time ago…

It’s now official! Mark it on your Labor Day weekend calendar! Click here for more info.

June 6, 2022 – Great news! Marybeth Slonneger has been working diligently to find the right solution for a marker for Remembrance Park. Now, her work has paid off! A BIG THANK YOU to River Products of Iowa City for donating TWO stone markers – 2.85 tons worth! – and the Johnson County Conservation Crew for donating their time, energy, and equipment in placing our Remembrance Park stones in place! Click here for more pictures & details!

Iowa City Artist Jo Myers-Walker created four amazing watercolors for us – depicting early Johnson County and John Gilbert’s Trading Post – site of Johnson County’s first business meeting. See Jo’s beautiful website here and check out her blog!

Do you have a copy of Marybeth’s book? This beautiful volume has a limited printing and it makes a wonderful gift for those who appreciate our rich heritage here in Iowa. Learn more here.

Word of mouth, quite honestly, is the best form of marketing & promotion. We are so thankful for, but, there’s so much more work to do. You can help by sharing our Remembrance Park story with friends and neighbors. We are particularly interested in reaching young people in Johnson County, and those who represent the rich diversity of our county. Anything you can do to spread the message of Remembrance Park will be greatly appreciated.

That’s enough for now. We will keep you informed in future newsletters and look to hear from you as you share with us your creative ideas. Thank you for journeying with us. Until next time…

Peace & Joy…

Marty Boller, EditorVisit Our Iowa Heritage website.

Contact us.


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