RP-JC Newsletter – Volume 3


Parking is available along Sand Road – Bring your own lawn chairs! We are presently working on our one-hour program – believing our day will be a true representation of the rich diversity found in our Johnson County heritage – honoring the Meskwaki people, the African-American presence, and the earliest American fur-traders that brought everything together in the 1830’s.

All are invited to join us on Labor Day, September 5, 2022, at 10:30 am for the dedication of Remembrance Park – located at the corner of Sand Rd. and Napoleon St., south of Iowa City. After the unveiling of landmark plaques, there will be several groups of musicians including a Meskwaki festive dance. Remembrance Park is devoted to the memory of the earliest Johnson County residents – the Meskwaki tribe, to Jenny – a Native American woman, to Mogawk -an African-American man, to the Phelps brothers – early fur traders in Johnson County, and to the handful of settlers who helped set up our county‘s government in January 1838. It’s this small group of individuals who guided our course towards a spirit of diversity – a hope we desire to carry forward today. Click here for more info.

Join us for a special Meet The Phelps Family Day – Friday – September 2nd – State Historical Society Research Center – 402 Iowa Avenue – Iowa City

As part of our Remembrance Park Dedication Weekend – drop by the State Historical Center, meet Marybeth Slonneger – author of Remembrance Park, and see some of the rare family heirlooms from the Phelps family, brought here for one day only by our friend, Jo Kelly – a relative of William & Sumner Phelps – fur traders who worked closely with Native American tribes – including the Meskwaki people of Johnson County. More details here.

Do you have a copy of Marybeth’s book? This beautiful volume has a limited printing and it makes a wonderful gift for those who appreciate our rich heritage here in Iowa. Learn more here.

Word of mouth, quite honestly, is the best form of marketing & promotion. We are so thankful for, but, there’s so much more work to do. You can help by sharing our Remembrance Park story with friends and neighbors. We are particularly interested in reaching young people in Johnson County, and those who represent the rich diversity of our county. Anything you can do to spread the message of Remembrance Park will be greatly appreciated.

We hope to see you soon! Thank you for journeying with us. Until next time…

Peace & Joy…

Marty Boller, EditorVisit Our Iowa Heritage website. Contact us.


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